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Terms of Use for Notion Google Tasks Sync Service

Last Updated: 2023-11-22

1. Service Description

Our service synchronizes data between your Google Tasks and Notion. This includes task title, status, and due date. Synchronization occurs every 5 minutes.

2. Task Deletion and Archival

Tasks deleted in Google Tasks are archived in Notion, and tasks archived or deleted in Notion are marked as completed in Google Tasks.

3. Limitations

  • Syncing is limited to one task list in Google Tasks and one database in Notion per account.
  • Tasks hierarchy is not respected.
  • Task descriptions are not synchronized.
  • Supports syncing up to 50 tasks.

4. Service Availability

The service is provided for free and while we strive for continuous operation, we do not guarantee specific uptime.

5. Data Retention

User data is not deleted by us, but users can request data deletion by contacting us.

6. Changes to Terms

We may modify these Terms and will notify users of any changes on our website.

7. Reporting Issues

Questions, feature requests, or issues can be reported by creating an issue in our GitHub repository.

8. Contact Information

For other questions or concerns, contact us at [email protected].