smth Notion-Google Tasks Sync

Sync Tasks Real-Time

Notion & Google Tasks
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Bridge your Notion and Google Tasks with our
smth Notion-Google Tasks Sync Service.

Experience the convenience of two-way, real-time syncing at no cost.


Two-way 🔄
Changes made in Google Tasks are reflected in Notion and vice versa.
Near Instant Sync ⚡️
Your data is synced every 5 minutes.
Secure 🔒
Data is stored in encrypted Cloudflare D1 Storage, and we're compliant with Google's policies for handling user data. We store only the minimum required data (such as tasks IDs). We do not store the contents of your tasks.
Data Safety
We care about your data and we never delete it. We mark deleted Google tasks as archived in Notion. We mark deleted or archived Notion tasks as completed in Google.
The service is provided completely free of charge. If you want to thank us, please do so 😊 by spreading the word.

Start Syncing
in 3 steps

Step 1.Connect Google Tasks
Step 2.Connect Notion Database
Step 3.Perform Initial Sync


    • Only tasks' "Title", "Date", and "Status" properties are synced. Tasks descriptions are not synced.
    • Tasks hierarchy is not supported.
    • No support for multiple Google Tasklists and Notion databases.
    • Synchronizaion of tasks' time is unfortunately not supported due to the limitations of the Google Tasks API.
    • Notion Database should be configured to have properties of the following types: "Status", "Date", "Last edited time" and "Last Edited By". "Status" property should have the following options: "To Do", "Done".